eResponse's 7 step process for successful email
 Step 1 
Maximise your existing experience and resources. Do you already have an email list? If so, you are well on your way. eResponse can make recommendations to boost your response rates.

 Step 2 
Get your strategy right. We will show you how you can integrate email with your business planning to reach your business goals faster. eResponse will make recommendations to boost response rates and improve branding. We will show you how to use email to create a dialogue with clients and prospects.

 Step 3 
eResponse recommendations. Based on what you tell us, eResponse will prepare a written set of recommendations along with the costs of implementing the campaign.

 Step 4 
List building and database management. eResponse will set up the business processes you need to build opt-in email list(s). Existing email lists may need database entry, management, cleansing, and proving. We may need to install visitor capture technology and content on your website.

When appropriate we may purchase opt-in lists on your behalf from third party list brokers.

eResponse manages your growing list(s), adding new members and deleting those who choose to unsubscribe or opt-out. We provide you with copies of your data at agreed intervals so you always have control over it. eResponse will NEVER sell or provide your data to any third party without your permission (see our Privacy Policy).

 Step 5 
Creating design and content. eResponse will design email messaging that reflects your corporate branding - newsletters, promotions, reminders, surveys, educational, or relationship-building email. We will help you develop the content for each email message. Part of content development will be applying our  P-2-P  system of deep personalisation of messages, which works in conjunction with an email list database.

 Step 6 
Testing, mailing, and tracking. The direct market maxim of "test, test, then test again" could have been written for email. Because the results are so quick, you know almost immediately what works and what doesn't. We recommend test mailings for any major new campaign. Once the test mailing response has been maximised, our bulk mail server emails the entire list in the format (HTML or text) that suits the recipient and with your choice of reply address.

 Step 7 
Reporting. eResponse provides you with a written report of the results of the mailing including any recommendations for an improvement for the next mailing.

 Contact Us  We invite you to contact eResponse. Remember we are a service that builds an individual solution for you - not a one size fits all internet based provider. Contact us by email .

Build and increase response to existing lists.

We will show you how you can integrate email with your business planning.

We prepare recommendations and costs.

We build opt-in lists. Database management.
Strict privacy and security policy.

We develop content and deep personalisation.


Reporting and campaign accountability.

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