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eResponse provides a full range of email list building, marketing, and email messaging services. We deal in measurable results.
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Email marketing campaigns

eResponse can advise you on how to best use email for effective marketing. We develop a solution customised for you. Yes, we use technology but first we understand your business and business processes.

Business to business email marketing campaigns. Are you already using email to contact customers and respond to prospects? You will have realised the speed and cost advantages. What eResponse will do is show you how to unlock the response power of email and plan systematic campaigns to promote your products and services.

Business to consumer email marketing campaigns. Any retailer can use email effectively to promote their business. It doesn't matter whether you are an e-commerce retailer, a mixed-channel (clicks and bricks) retailer, or a traditional retailer. eResponse will show you how you can collect your customers' and prospects' email addresses and build a high response, permission email marketing list. From our portfolio of technology and techniques we will build a strategy that works for you.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) email. Customer Relationship Management - or one-to-one marketing as it is sometimes called - is central to modern marketing. CRM means using technology to deal with each customer as an individual and developing the relationship between you (the company or organisation) and that customer. In a fully-developed CRM system, you will customise what you offer to meet the customer's needs. Because email is interactive and can be personalised and customised it makes an ideal communications medium for building customer relationships.

Advocacy email marketing. Any cause or charity will benefit from the systematic use of email. We have cause-marketing specialist experience to advise you on your needs. Email is the low-cost means of keeping in touch with your support base and building personalised relationships with each supporter. Email can also be a potent fund-raising mechanism. We will help you apply the latest techniques developed in the U.S.

Newsletters, reminders, and renewals

Build customer relationships and your brand recognition through regular email newsletters to your customer or prospect base. eResponse will manage the whole process from building the initial list to design, content, mailing, and ongoing list management. We have skilled and experienced writers, editors, and designers. We will put together a template that will build your branding and that will be easy to update for each mailing. Newsletters can be corporate, for a product/service or cover just a single topic. You can keep your customer group up-to-date with all the latest in your field. What's more, you can reward and build their loyalty and retain their interest with exclusive special offers, competitions and prize draws just for them (that you don't offer to the market as a whole). Newsletters can be interactive and links can take customers direct to your site (permanent or temporary) to purchase or take part in promotions.

Scheduled notifications and reminders. Many businesses have a need to contact clients on a regular basis to remind them about scheduled maintenance; to notify them of changes in prices, conditions, products and services; to inform them of upcoming new developments; to inform them of upgrades. These are opportunities to build relationships with clients and to personalise contacts. These contacts can be personalised through email. Add good database management and the contacts can be customised so that clients receive only what they are interested in and not a lot of information they don't want.

Subscription renewals. If you are publishing (either on the net or physically) email is an ideal medium for subscription renewal. Talk to eResponse about how we can assist you to set up and manage an email subscription renewal system for you.

Market and opinion surveys

Email surveys. With markets changing rapidly, today's marketer needs quick, accurate information to base decisions on. Email is the obvious means to obtain quick market information. eResponse understands the requirements of effective, actionable market research. If you are "savvy" in market research we can work with you on setting up surveys to meet your information needs. If you are not, we can advise on how best to survey your market to get the answers that you need. Surveys can be run from websites or direct emailed lists.

Email design, content and personalisation

HTML and multi-media email. eResponse has an innovative approach to email design. We understand the "power of the new". We develop interesting and interactive designs that increase response. Something fresh and new can also have a "viral" effect. People forward the emails to friends and colleagues because its unusual. We are careful to use techniques and coding that ensure rapid loading of email. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting minutes for an email to load.

Part of our design approach is to include personalisation. eResponse has developed  P-2-P , our deep personalisation technique. This allows us to place personalisation practically anywhere within an email.

Bulk email
We take away all the hassles of sending multiple email.
Our specialised bulk-mailing software is integrated with our personalisation and database systems and can cope with practically any number of emails (from a few to thousands). The reply address on the email is your choice, it could be your own or for example a fulfilment supplier.

List-building, database, and list management

Building permission/opt-in lists and marketing to those lists. We have the knowhow and technology to build permission lists for you. We can check your existing lists are opt-in. This is an essential process in email marketing to avoid the dire consequences to your business reputation of being labelled a "spammer". (For more about permission marketing read our Philosophy section.)

Your most valuable email asset: an in-house, opt-in list If you are online and you are not building an email list of customers and prospects, you may be making a costly mistake. Why? Because the opportunity to build opt-in lists will become more limited in the future as the volume of email rises. Now is the time to build trust and start an email relationship with your clients and customers. You'll need to make the collection of email addresses a top priority for every contact with customers or prospects. eResponse will help you do it right with:

  1. the best technology for your web site to capture visitor's email addresses;
  2. the design of incentives and promotions to encourage people to opt-in;
  3. systems to collect email addresses at every other contact point.

Email database management and hosting. eResponse can host and manage your email mailing lists. Keeping an email list up to date can be a big job, particularly if you are doing it manually. Let eResponse manage your lists for you. The data always remains yours and always remains private.

Cleaning and validating lists. eResponse will clean and validate your existing email lists to minimise wrong addresses and ensure that each customer or prospect is willing to receive email from you.

ACTIVATE your web site

Are you frustrated with trying to use the web to build your business? Have you spent time and money to drive traffic to your site only to find that they don't come back? Do you wish you knew what you were doing wrong? eResponse will show you how to capture visitors to your site and then build a relationship with them that will turn them into regular customers.

How we ACTIVATE your site
We install and configure specialist Mail Manager software on your site to capture visitor's email addresses. We create persuasive content to convince visitors to register. We manage the growing database for your email list. We devise your ongoing email campaigns that will drive prospects and customers back to your site. Our ACTIVATE programme is for everyone who wants to get a return on their web site investment. Contact us now and ask about ACTIVATE.

Tracking, testing, and reporting.

We can track the effectiveness of your campaigns and tell you how people acted on a particular offer or event. This ability to track what has happened directly after the event is one of the powerful attributes of email marketing. It means that you can quickly analyse your campaign and adjust it to what works best. We recommend that clients use effectiveness-tracking via eResponse to test market major new campaigns.

Our value to you

Email is an emerging technology with an ever-growing role in customer communication and direct marketing. We have a thorough understanding of the technology and processes required to effectively use email. Our value to you comes in providing the service, creative, and technology functions that enable you to focus on your core business. Use eResponse as a valued outsourced partner.

eResponse is an end-2-end service. eResponse handles it all from strategy recommendations through to the final mailing and reporting of results. We are a consultancy and service-based email house. We are knowledgeable and can advise clients on list acquisition including the purchase of opt-in lists. We work only with companies that are emailing to their own customers or to consumers who have "opted-in" (given permission to receive commercial email). eResponse is 100% "spam" free (spamming means the mass distribution of unsolicited email).

Strict security eResponse takes a very serious approach to privacy and security. We will NEVER sell or supply your information to any third party without your permission. We have strict security measures to prevent unauthorized postings, tampering and access to files.

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We cover all aspects of email marketing.

Newsletters - the ideal way to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

Email research quickly gets information to your desk for action.

Innovative design and personalisation will increase response.

Bulk email, personalised, database driven, with your choice of reply address.

Database management is the engine that drives successful email.

Let eResponse help you get a return on investment from your website

The ability to track email means you can analyse campaigns quickly.

Get a "jump start" by using eResponse for your email marketing.

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