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Centre your web marketing, messaging, and emarketing on email    Make email part of your eCRM, customisation and direct market activity.

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People love email
It's the first thing you do when you go on line?
Check your email?  Everyone does!  .
Email it's fast, cheap, and a very powerful business tool.

 Testing and tracking are part of the eResponse service.
eResponse will show you how you can harness the tremendous personal impact of email and put it to work for your business or organisation. We are experts in managing email lists and in creating email that gets the response you want.

Email for business surveys, newsletters.
Email - your fast worker. In an email campaign 90% of responses come within 48 hours. Recipients often respond immediately and buy, view, vote, enquire, register, subscribe, or seek more information.

build brands with email.
Email - your brand builder. Most users can view colourful, attention-getting HTML email. Now email can build your brand. eResponse will design creative, high impact, interactive HTML email campaigns for you. However, when text is the best option, we'll recommend text.

Permission email is the key.
Permission email - your invitation. Enter your customers' and prospects' email space as an invited guest with information they want and you'll be amazed at the response. The key is to ask for permission (sometimes called "opt-in" email). eResponse has the technology and know-how to build your permission-based email lists ... more

 Personalise email
Personalised email - your relationship builder. eResponse can personalise your bulk email. Not just a personalised greeting but personalisation practically anywhere in the message. This deep personalisation helps develop strong relationships with your customers or prospects to gain maximum response ... more

eResponse mail list hosting and bulk emailservices
eResponse - your list builder. The highest response to email comes from permission-based email lists. We'll help you build new email marketing list(s) from your website or other sources or maximise your existing in-house email marketing list(s). ... more

Breakthrough communication strategies using email lists
eResponse brings the latest techniques and thinking in email list management to New Zealand. U.S. innovators have achieved impressive results using email for marketing and communication. eResponse brings you the best practice in email use, including graphical (HTML), multi-media, personalised, and permission opt-in email.
You get a complete service from eResponse
 What we can do for you 

  • develop recommendations
  • create content and design
  • build and manage email lists
  • bulk-mail email
  • test and refine campaigns
  • track and report
  • analyse and maximise results
eResponse creates solutions that fit your needs precisely with tools, techniques, and strategies that we have adapted or developed. We are not a one-size-fits-all online solution.

 Your email list
  - becomes a valuable asset  

  • Reach your customers time and again with a permission based mailing list. eResponse will help you do it right, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. ... more
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